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Safety Advice from West Midlands Police

By ECollins 21 Jun 2016

The police in your new home want to help keep you safe...

Whilst it’s all about having fun before knuckling down to do some hard work, don’t leave yourselves open to becoming victims of crime, or getting yourself into trouble with the wrong side of the law!

Here are a few tips to keep you safe:

  1. Stay aware of your surroundings - if you’re on the phone, you’re less aware of your surroundings making you vulnerable to thieves. 
  2. Carry a laptop in a rucksack or sports bag rather than a laptop bag so it's not obvious to people what you have on you.
  3. Never carry your wallet in your back pocket!
  4. Try not to use cashpoints at night, but if you have to use one try to go with friends and if you see anyone suspicious, don’t withdraw any money.
  5. Close your bag properly and try to have the opening facing into your body, making it harder for someone to grab something from inside your bag.
  6. Avoid walking home after a night out – try and stay in a group as much as possible; avoid dimly lit areas and short cuts.
  7. Whether day or night, try to plan your route home and always walk with confidence.
  8. If you ever feel that you are being followed, initially try crossing the road. If they cross with you try to make towards a busy public area and then ask for help.

Any problems call us 999 in an emergency, or 101 for the non-emergencies.

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