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Quick & easy recipes to feed your family

By bzbeth 13 Feb 2018

Mealtimes with the whole family are never easy, especially when there's kids to think about...

If your children are fussy or going through a stage where they only like (or dislike) certain foods then it can be even harder. But we hopefully have a few solutions, all of these recipes are cheap, easy to do and are child-friendly! 

Chicken & chorizo with potatoes: Meals that just require you throwing ingredients together and putting them in the oven are instantly stress-free! Once you've prepped your ingredients, pop your tray in the oven for 90 minutes and it's done - simple.

Tip: Using chicken thighs instead of breasts will save you money.

Meatball & mozzarella traybake: Another traybake recipe that is straightforward yet delicious and something the kids will love. You only need about 5 ingredients so you don't have to worry about it breaking the bank either. 
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Tip: Make a bigger portion than you need and you can take it to work or uni the next day!

Stew: Sometimes a roast dinner can be more expensive than you think so a stew is a cheaper alternative that kids will love. You can use up all your veggies and put some dumplings on top - you can buy a mix for less than £1.

Tip: For the best results, buy a slow cooker. It'll make your life a lot easier! 

Thai green curry: This is one of the mildest curries you can have and it's light so something that will agree with children too. A Thai green curry doesn't include too many ingredients, the main ones are curry paste, chicken, curry paste, coconut milk, and green beans.

Tip: Add green chillis for a bit of a kick.

Spag bol with a twist: Surely you and your family have had spaghetti bolognese numerous times but have you tried courgetti? This is a healthier version of pasta and with the bolognese sauce on top, your kids will barely notice the difference.

Tip: Who doesn't love garlic bread? Serve some with it and you'll win some serious points.

Try a few of these and see how you get on - we predict good things and some happy mealtimes!

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