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Can't fit a workout in due to childcare?

By bzbeth 25 Jun 2019

Nobody said that having children would be easy...

When it comes to working out and doing exercise, it can difficult to find time or even space to do something. That's why we've got some solutions:

If you want to squeeze in a short workout to tone and focus on your whole body then here's some motivation. Be proud of your Mummy tummy like blogger Rebecca Lamb and you'll even get some cuddles if you follow her routine.

Nobody wants to skip leg day, right? If you've got a garden, then head outside with the kids and whilst they're nosying around and playing you can follow Nick Palladino's workout which allows you to tone those legs but keep an eye on the little ones too! 

If you're like us and have a love/hate relationship with abs, then you might find that Shaun T's video gives you all the motivation you need (and have been lacking). This workout can be done with or without the baby but what a perfect way to get your children involved and keep them entertained too?

If you're not looking to do an intense workout then it could be as simple as doing little exercises like press-ups, sit-ups and planking. Your kids will love to get involved in what you're doing and that's what Jessica Somerville does so well! She thinks there are no excuses and you can always find some time to workout. Have a look at how she got on with her #PlankChallenge...

It's never too late to work on those summer bods and it's perfect entertainment for your children if you're looking after them during the summer holidays.

It could be at simple as 15 minutes before you go out for the day - no excuses! 

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