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18 unexpected things you need at uni

By bzellie 16 Aug 2021

It's pretty obvious you’re going to need to bring clothes and bedding to uni, right?

BUT there are plenty more weird and wonderful things you’re going to need to bring with you to really boost your experience or your room.

  1. Fancy dress - there are SO many different events that you’ll be going to at uni, so make sure you’re prepared. Face paint is a must.
  2. Speaker - a lot of your time at uni will be spent in your flat with your flatmates and you’ll want to create an atmosphere you like, music is a great way to do that and sharing music taste via a speaker is even better.
  3. Ear Plugs - when you live in halls you’ll find that sometimes your living space can get a bit noisy and that’s just the reality of living amongst other people, so get yourself a pair of earplugs.
  4. USB cables - you’ll need a couple of these for little things you won’t have even thought about, e.g. connecting your laptop to a tv screen.
  5. Batteries - you never know when your fairy lights or Xbox controller is going to stop working so it's a good idea to have a spare pack or two of batteries on you.
  6. Spare phone charger - the amount of times you’ll find that your phone charger goes missing or it stops working is more than annoying so pack a spare one just in case.
  7. Coat hangers - a 'must have' in our wardrobes that are easily forgotten about, but make sure you bring a bunch if you don’t want your clothes to crease!
  8. Clothes horse - if you bring along one of these you won’t have to spend extra money on drying your clothes.
  9. Doorstop - you’ll find that you and your flatmates will be going in and out of one another's rooms and little things like having to open and close the door can be annoying. With a doorstop, you can put it in place whenever you want and take it away whenever you want to.
  10. Fan - If your room gets too warm but you don’t want any bugs creeping in through your window, a handy thing to have is a fan, especially in summer.
  11. Full-length mirror - most uni rooms have a little mirror but it’s very rare you’ll find a full-length mirror which can be a pain if you’re wanting to check out your full outfit.
  12. Boxes to store things - uni rooms are small as it is and you’ll find that you will quickly start to hoard quite a lot of stuff. If you bring boxes you can put all the stuff you don’t use in these under your bed out of sight.
  13. Tupperware - these always come in handy, so pack a variation if you’re wanting to make a packed lunch for uni or store leftovers.
  14. Scissors - one thing that people always forget to pack are scissors, you’ll find you'll need these more than you first thought.
  15. Hot water bottle - your uni room should have its own heating but sometimes this can be faulty so be sure to pack a big hot water bottle, there’s nothing worse than being cold when you’re trying to sleep.
  16. Slippers - you can never be sure how clean your kitchen floor will be so it's a good idea to bring some slippers with you.
  17. First-aid kit - accidents happen and you never know when ones around the corner. By bringing a first aid kit you can easily get any minor injury fixed.
  18. Sewing kit - no doubt there will be numerous times when you find holes in your clothes. This is a great chance to perfect your sewing skills, plus it'll stop you from spending money on new clothes.

And you're ready to go!

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