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Which society will you join at WLV?

By bzbeth 12 Sep 2019

Whether you love kicking a ball around or stuffing your face with popcorn whilst watching every Disney movie, there is a society fit for everyone.

Take the opportunity to join as many societies as you wish so you can find your favourite club and meet people with the same interests as you. Visit the Students’ Union website to explore the ever-expanding list of clubs and societies to check out.


Don’t worry about only joining a select few societies, try joining a handful to make friends and discover a hobby you love.

If you love playing video games, why not join the Gaming society where you can play all kinds of classic board games and delve into the deep, dark world of Dungeons and Dragons. Gaming isn’t for everyone, but there’s always the Gless Club so you sing and dance till your heart's content.

Whatever your experience is, each society is accepting of everyone and is looking forward to meeting you and sharing their interest with you.


Can’t find what you’re looking for? Set up your own society! All you need is 10 devoted followers for you to become an official society, and then you can find others who love appreciating cheese just as much as you or share your obsession of Phillip Schofield.

Even if it seems like the quirkiest interest, there will be others out there just waiting for someone to set up a society. Check the Student Union website for information about to set up a society, or pop into City Campus and speak to a member of staff who can help you get started.

Societies are one of the best parts of university, so make the most of it and have a laugh!