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Vending Machines: What and Where?!

By GKing 12 Oct 2018

You may (or may not) be aware that we have contactless vending machines on campus - woohoo!

On all campuses, we offer 3 different types of vending machines for you to dig into...

  1. Snacks
    This is your go-to for the munchies - containing both sweet and savoury snacks for Elevenses (and Twelvsies and Onesies and Twosies...)
  2. Soft Drinks
    Want pop, water or juice? Please wander this way!
  3. Lavazza Coffee
    Love coffee but cba to walk to Starbucks? Hath no Fear, Lavazza is here.

No matter what campus you are on, we've got you covered. Check the table below to update your already difficult lunch options!

City Campus
Building Floor Snacks Soft Drinks Lavazza Coffee Other*
MA B x   x
MC G x  x 
MD G  x x 
MH G x  x 
MI G x   
MK G x  x 
MX 1 x   
MU 1 x  x 
MU 3 x  x 
Walsall Campus
WA G x x x 
WH G x x x 
WJ G x x x 
WN G x x x 
Telford Campus
SA G x  x 
SC G   x 
Science Park
PA G x  x 
PC 1 x  x 
PC 2 x   

*Starbucks on the Go

Happy Munching!

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