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Top 10 handy life hacks

By Skaur 30 Sep 2016

Being a University student can be pretty stressful, so it would make life that little bit easier if well, life WAS a little easier?

Whether you’re a little short of money, feel that your cooking game is weak or unsure of how to recycle items, worry not as you’ve come to the right page!

These 10 handy life hacks will turn you into a thrifty guru in no time:

Hack #1 - Nutella Hot Chocolate

Craving something sweet but realise you’re a bit skint? You’re bound to have a jar of Nutella lurking in the bottom of your cupboard somewhere. Turn this delicious hazelnut spread into a dreamy hot chocolate, by simply mixing warm milk to as many spoons of this chocolate heaven as you desire!

Hack #2 - Dusty Keyboards? We’ve found a solution!

Image result for keyboard and post it note 
Use a post-it note to clean your keyboard. Simply drag the sticky side of the post-it note in between the keys and voila, you’ll find the crumbs of yesterday’s sandwich banished for good!

Hack #3 - Straighten those creases
Image result for hair straightener
Are you in the middle of getting ready for a night out and find that your outfit is a little creased? Feeling a little lazy to iron? Well, you can use your hair straighteners! This works amazingly on shirt collars too, just check the material of your clothing item first.

Hack #4 – In need of extra cash?

You might have some books lying around that you don’t need anymore. Or you’re in your second year of University and no longer need your books from your first year? Get in touch with your lecturers and find out if their new students are in need of the books in your possession!

Hack #5 – Cheesy feet

Do your shoes smell a bit pongy? We’ve got just the trick to expel that reek! Get your hands on to some bicarbonate soda and shake a generous amount inside your shoes. Let the soda sit overnight. Remove the soda by shaking it out into the bin. Your shoes should smell as fresh as a daisy and a little less like stilton!

Hack #6 – Dry your eyes mate!

If you think crying over your ex was painful, try chopping an onion! No one should have to cry over these little bulbs, so we have just the hack for this! Before chopping an onion, soak it in cold water for about a minute. Now you can chop away and slay!

Hack #7 – Gobble those bobbles
Image result for razor on clothes
Have you ever come across those annoying, little, round bits of fluff that seem to stick to your jumpers, socks and clothing items? We know you’ve tried picking them off but they just get worse and worse. Well, you can blast those pests with your razor! Be careful not to use too much force as we don't want you tearing your clothes. 

Hack #8 – No one fancies a bin juiceImage result for newspaper in bin
Save yourself from getting into contact with the world’s most disgusting cocktail known as bin juice! Whilst putting on a fresh bin liner, pop some newspaper at the bottom of the bag. This will help absorb any liquid and prevent those nasty drips from occurring when you empty the bins again.

Hack #9 – The bin liner hack
Image result for bin liner covering clothes in hanger
Don’t want you clothes creasing by folding them up? Well we might have just the solution. Keep your clothes in their hangers. Get your hands on a bin liner. Make a hole on the sealed side of the bag and pull your hanger handle. You now have a cheap suit cover and your clothes are also protected! Two birds. One stone.

Hack #10 – Save a load of washing

White sheets might look clean and crisp but that’s only if you maintain them properly. This means washing them separately from other colours and washing them frequently to keep them white. Invest in some coloured sheets so that they don’t feel isolated in the wash and allow them to join the foam party with all the other clothes. Happy days!

And there you have it, our top 10 hacks. If they don’t work for you there’s always Google!

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