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Stages of rewriting that essay...

By ARajabali 01 Nov 2017

What would you do if you lost everything?

Studies have found that about 1 in 5 of us never backup our home computers, and over a third fail to backup data from mobile devices.

But against device theft, viruses and hardware failures, as well as losing those all important 'fish gape' selfies you spent precious minutes practising, you might lose something even more important.

Let's see what'll happen when you're having to rewrite that essay the night before it's due, all because you didn't back it up.

  1. Denial
    You check every document on your laptop and emails dating as far back as 2013, only to realise all hope is lost. You now have 16 hours to write 2000 words AND reference. 
    celebrities quotes adam brody
    That's only 143 words an hour with 2 hours to spare. YOU CAN DO THIS!
  2. Source struggles
    Writing the intro and first section while filing through 7 books of research sources is proving a challenge. You're forced into a breakdown to the only housemate about- coincidentally the one you never speak to...
    crying cry tears hard cry weepy
    Must. Pull. Self. Together.
  3. The sad realisation
    After a calming cuppa you return to your desk to finish what you started. But reading through your completed sections you find your essay makes little sense and is basically repeating itself.
    people real office every struggle
    I need help.
  4. Time to regroup
    You bullet point the arguments you're trying to make before re-editing (Sparknotes is a Godsend), and finally you have a half-decent, half-essay to hand in.
    snl jimmy fallon yes tina fey weekend update
    Andddd it's 3am- time for a Redbull *queue the dreaded headache* 
  5. Looking for a friend
    "Somebody else must be in this position!?" You log into Facebook chat to find that everyone on your course is offline, clearly in bed and clearly finished.
    deadpool ryan reynolds wade wilson pointing this guy has the right idea
    *Log back out* Yep, just me then.
  6. 6am = the end is nigh
    You've reached your word count (-allowed 10%), but your work is lacking secondary sources. *Opens source books and picks out a handful of quotes*.
    reactions shrug meh shrugging
    One last read, you're so tired you aren't sure it makes sense but at least you have something to submit.
  7. Bad karma
    Now for a run to library because your printer breaks down an hour before hand in. All of your housemates are, of course, at lectures so you can't use theirs. GREAT.
    free running muppets late go go go
    Head's pounding, teeth haven't been brushed in a good 20 hours and heading into uni in my pjs is a definite new low...
  8. 'Nap' time
    You make hand in at 11.58am, then trudge home to bed for a straight 20 hours sleep

    ...and you'll still be tired for 9ams for the rest of the week.

While you might have had a happy ending this time, do you really want to risk putting yourself through this again?


ARajabali is Nature lover, travel enthusiast and a Liverpool FC fan! Graduated with honours BSc in Animal Behaviour and wildlife conservation (2012-2015) :D
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