Repair & Fault Reporting

By WLV 31 Oct 2018

Got a problem with your room please see below a full guide on how to report it!

HRAMS Students – How to Register for Web Access

In order to use the Intranet facility you must first register as a user, you can do this by going to HRAMS Student Page and completing the registration details.

 Please NOTE to be registered correctly you are required to use your University Student email address to register with HRAMS.

 Once you have registered you should receive an Email giving you a Username (this will be your email address) and Password

HRAMS Students - How to Raising a Request

HRAMS Students - How to Raising a Request

To use the system go to the HRAMS Student Page.

Select Login, then provide your Username name (your Email address) and Password stated in your registration confirmation email.

Once you have logged onto the system we recommend you can change your given Password to a new personal Password via Edit Profile.

 To raise a job simply click New Job on the home page and input the required information.

You can then see your requested job by going back to the home page via the Home icon on the top left-hand side of the page and clicking Search a Job.

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