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#MentalWellbeing: Managing stress at university

By bzbeth 17 Jul 2020

There are certain periods in life (and student life especially) when you may feel stressed out and a bit overwhelmed...

That's completely normal!

Now that you're aware of the difference between being stressed and stretched and the impact that stress has on your body, it's time that you learned how to deal with your stress.

We'd like to tell you otherwise BUT there are going to be stressful times at university, that's just a way of life. By managing your stress the best way that you possibly can, you're able to spend more time focusing on positive and relaxing things that have a better impact on your wellbeing.  

Watch this video with psychotherapist Gareth Hughes, who works with Student Minds, who outlines the key periods in the student calendar when you may feel a bit stretched and under a lot of pressure. He also outlines ways in which you can deal with this and start to feel much happier.

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