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Living on a budget doesn’t have to be boring!

By Skaur 27 Apr 2020

Here are our top picks!


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  • There are added, exclusive benefits to getting an NUS Extra Card or even downloading the UniDays App. Some supermarkets now offer discounts!
  • Supermarkets can be sneaky. Don’t just look at eye level. Often, more expensive brands are strategically placed to be the first things you’ll see.
  • Make a list, don’t be fooled by the ‘deals’ bombarding you on the way to your essentials.
  • Do you really need a bag of potatoes when you only really wanted to bake one tonight? Sometimes it’s surprisingly cheaper to buy separately, and that way you won’t waste food.
  • Don’t shop while hungry, or you’ll go overboard!
  • Learn what time your local supermarket marks down their prices – and take full advantage of the special section!
  • Restaurant loyalty cards are absolute gems if you’re eating out anyway.


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  • Train travel can be extortionate. Save a fortune by investing in a Railcard. Download the ‘Tickety Split’ app – trust us.
  • For walk-up fares, it’s potentially cheaper to split the journey into two separate legs on the same train!
  • Of course, checking online for advanced purchases is a must.
  • Sometimes two singles are cheaper than a return
  • Megabus does NUS Extra discount – cheap just got cheaper.
  • Need flights over summer? Always go in ‘incognito mode’ in your web browser; this way, prices aren't biased and remain low.


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  • Need a haircut or a gift but can’t face sky-high costs? Plenty of websites offer daily deals!
  • EBay – need we say more? There’s no shame in snagging a bargain!
  • Google ‘free samples’ or ‘discount codes’ to get (and follow!) the best cheats and freebies the online world has to offer, on everything from food to fragrance!


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