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It wouldn't be Christmas without...

By Skaur 30 Nov 2019

Doing your first food shop before heading back to uni at the end of summer you probably noticed Christmas already on it's way...

It may be shameful but it's become somewhat traditional in stores and shopping centres to decorate for the occasion months in advance, while getting offers and winter collections out too.

Though this might seem tragic, we can't deny that there are some traditions we can't not adhere to...and we get very excited about.

From the terrific to the terrible they happen religiously and get everyone in that festive spirit, allowing time for bonding with friends and family.

So if you haven't already made a start, here's a little reminder of things to come... 

  • Decking the halls...
    From the tree and the lights, to the stockings and mistletoe, decorating's the first thing we do to get that christmas feeling, and it makes everything very cosy.
    feelings rachel bilson reaction christmas tree
  • I wish it could be Christmas everyday
    You HAVE to wait until 1st December to do anything remotely christmassy, but when that day comes it's a given that you'll play every christmas hit known to man...and then Michael Bublé's versions, and nobody's going to judge!
  • That last minute dash
    Either you forgot someone's present or you're hopping to the supermarket to grab extras for tomorrow's feast- helping your parents out a bit!
    movies elf
  • Santa! We know him...
    Which is why we all leave him a mince pie before bed on Christmas Eve, and a carrot and some milk for the reindeers - We all do it, quit kidding yourself!
  • Festive baking
    It's not Christmas without a proper pig out on cakes, buns and cookies. Don't forget about setting your Christmas pudding alight either - we're not sure why but it does look cool..
    christmas flame pudding
  • Cringey cracker gifts
    Setting off explosives at the dinner table to some might sound crazy, but it's tradition - and so is wearing the contents! We can't ignore that very questionable 'joke' and testing ourselves with the tongue twister either...
  • Christmas specials
    It's finally acceptable to watch those repeats of Home Alone, The Grinch and Elf back on the telly. Plus those Christmas day specials we've all been waiting for! The Vicar of Dibley, Strictly Come Dancing, Eastenders, Downton...we cannot wait.
    movie home alone macaulay culkin
  • Christmas Tunes
    The hype of who's going to win Christmas Number 1 means artists are releasing albums and singles left, right and centre in the fight, giving us an endless supply of hits to make for that perfect christmas day playlist. But who will win? An X-Factor contestant? A one hit wonder? The anticipation is killing us!
  • Boring b-day?
    No trains running, no christmas shopping to do - or food shopping as you have leftovers for days. So what do you do? Maybe hit those dreaded boxing day sales...
    christmas no elf will farrell elfmovie
  • Getting all emosh
    ...or just a little too involved with television adverts. That one we've all been waiting for - the John Lewis advert is back on our tellys. This year it's seen a few rivals. SainsburysLidl...
  • Stuffing ourselves silly
    Christmas Day, that day where it's 100% acceptable to nap after lunch. Dinner and dessert can really take it out of you...and it might do for a few days after with all the leftovers!
    disney eating thanksgiving turkey 1999
  • Visiting your family tree
    Because family is what Christmas is about. It might seem tedious but not compared to eating 6 different dinner's pretending each is better than the last, as you stuff down the 20th brussels sprout...Vicar of Dibley scenario anyone?
  • The annual Queen's speech
    It's usually something we keep on in the background on Christmas Day so that we can pretend we're listening to it, but really we're working out how to steal our unsuspecting relatives' Monopoly money without them noticing!
    game angry monopoly quit give up

Some of these traditions might sound funny but we're all guilty of at least some of them. It just wouldn't feel like Christmas otherwise.

So get ready to stick on your Christmas Jumpers, WHAM! on the radio, and if you want to stay on the nice list- like me, track santa on NORAD so you make sure you're asleep when he arrives! 

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