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How to do your laundry with Circuit

By ECollins 25 Sep 2019

To make laundry quicker and easier, you can now download the Circuit Laundry app!

All you need to do is download the app and top up your account, so you don't need to worry about forgetting your laundry card as you've got everything on your phone. 

Circuit Laundry App 


Download it for FREE on iPhone or Android then simply:

  1. Follow the registration instructions
  2. Follow the top up instructions
  3. See below to find out how to operate the machines

Circuit Laundry Card 

If you can't download the app, you can use a laundry card.

  1. Get a Circuit Laundry card from Accommodation Services
  2. Visit Circuit's website and follow the instructions to top-up
  3. Take your Circuit Laundry Card and top up code to the top up machine (located in your laundry room)
  4. Activate your credit using the top-up machine


  • Standard wash - £1.50
  • Super Wash - £2.50
  • Drying -  £1.50

How to use the washing machine 


  1. Scan card your card or phone
  2. Load your clothes into the machine
  3. Add detergent/ powder/ tablet into the bottom of the drum
  4. Close door 
  5. Select cycle and press start

How to use the dryer


  1. Scan your card or phone
  2. Open the dryer door
  3. Clean out the lint filter
  4. Load washing into the dryer (make sure you look at your clothes labels to check everything is suitable for the dryer!)
  5. Close the dryer door
  6. Select cycle (Complete Dry) and press start

You'll be a laundry master in no time!


ECollins is Residential Life Officer for Accommodation Services - foodie, book lover, campervan mad...well just mad in general.
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