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Having some friends over?

By bwoolley 21 Jun 2016

We are sure that at some stage during the year you will want to hold a small gathering in your accommodation, whether it's pre drinks for a couple of hours or it's your birthday...

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We don't have a problem with that, but if you would like to have people over you need to understand the following:

  • You complete the Request Form - Grab one from the campus reception and send it to Campus Operations with 48 hours notice. Don't lose the written permission - you need it during the party just in case you are asked to show it! 
  • You must adhere to noise regulations - They may be allowed to continue until 1.00am if no complaints are received.
  • Ensure that the area is left clean and tidy after the event.
  • Is your name on the form? If so, you will be responsible for any damage or vandalism. This includes noise complaints, damage, fire alarm activations or any other breach of your Licence Agreement.
  • Be careful of where you advertise it - Social media might be the easiest way to tell your friends the details but you could attract thousands of unwanted guests. This could leave to the Police! Do not advertise your party online, if this is detected, the student responsible will face disciplinary action.

Are people staying over?

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There is no problem with having overnight guests (as long as they comply with the terms of the Licence Agreement) if they stay no longer than two nights. It will not be acceptable to stay overnight on a regular basis!

You must sign your guest in at reception when they arrive. Please note: you will be responsible for your guests behaviour so if your friend can be a bit wild, bare that in mind!  

The University has the right to prohibit guests at any time if necessary.

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