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10 things you need to do BEFORE starting uni

By bzdani 05 Jul 2018

University is just around the corner, and while you may be focused on getting prepared for your next adventure, you may want to take a minute...

Before you leave the nest, here are 10 things you need to do over summer before starting university: 

  1. Spend time with family
    Your mum and dad will always be there for you: from the moment you wave goodbye to when you fly back to the nest for the weekend. Spending quality time with the ones you love is crucial before you move out, so take some time out to arrange a trip to the seaside, or simply gather round the kitchen table to play a heated game of Monopoly.
  2. Meet up with friends
    Many of your friends are bound to be in the same situation as you, so make sure you meet up with them and make some amazing memories you can all look back on and smile. Host a sleepover and tuck into takeaways, head down to the cinema to watch an upcoming flick, or even catch up over a cuppa. 
  3. Snuggle with your pet 

    Unfortunately, you can't take your dog to uni so please don't try to smuggle them in your suitcase! Instead, spoil your beloved pet with plenty of cuddles and treats because they deserve it for being so cute and fluffy. Just think about how excited they will be when you come home at the weekend with your dirty washing, their tail wagging like crazy (unless you have a pet turtle, I don't know how turtles show excitement).

    *If you know for certain you'll miss your favourite fluffball (or scaly friend) too much, snap a picture of them and frame it so you can kiss them goodnight from the comfort of your new home.

  4. Pursue your hobbies 
    Whatever your hobby is, take the opportunity to spend time doing what makes you happy. Whether it's gaming, swimming, or knitting: enjoy what you love most before you delve into the world of university. Before you know it, you'll be too busy spending time with your flatmates and focusing on your course to be sat on your computer all day (but remember to take out time for yourself)!
  5. Go to your favourite places 
    Get down to your favourite beach alone, or with loved ones, and watch the waves whilst chomping down on some tasty fish and chips. Enjoy your treasured dish at your favourite restaurant - whether it's a simple meal like pizza or a classy plate of steak, take your taste buds on a trip down memory lane. Wherever you love to go, spend time there to chillax, de-stress and get yourself ready for the future.  
  6. Get creative in the kitchen 

    Become head chef of the house for a few nights each week to save your mum and dad the burden of cooking - make them proud (and hopefully not unwell) and embrace the opportunity to practice burning pasta now to save you from the embarrassment and frustration later on... 

    Even if you're a skilled chef, you'll soon come to realise that cooking can be the hardest part of university. Crafting a classic pasta dish after your late afternoon lecture can feel like a chore but if you stay organised and practice now, your flatmates will be in awe of your ability to cook macaroni and cheese with ease and it won't feel so much like a chore

  7. Print out pictures
    Having bare walls in halls is bland and boring, so make the place your own by printing out pictures of all your best memories to look upon when you feel homesick. Get your favourite posters up to show your flatmates just how much you love One Direction - remember to check the university's accommodation policy on sticking stuff on the walls.
  8. Save money
    Being an adult means budgeting your money to make it last, and you will soon discover that it's tricky to live off of your student loan for the whole of first term. Saving money now means you won't have to worry about splashing the cash in freshers week, and it will give you extra money to spend on yourself, especially if you have your heart set on a pair of expensive trainers...
  9. Read
    Regardless of whether it's on your reading list or not, losing yourself in a good book is a brilliant way to chill out and enjoy your free time. If you choose to make a start on your reading list, you'll be prepared for any obstacle your course may bring in the first few weeks at university, so get reading!
  10. Look forward to the future
    As scary as university seems, uni's an exciting opportunity to meet amazing new people and make unforgettable memories. Live in the moment and each day like it's your last - time flies when you're having fun! Just remember your family will always be right behind you, supporting every step you take to becoming an independent adult (just don't spend all their money on takeaways). 


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