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£300 Travel Fund

By GKing 01 Feb 2018

The Travel fund is £300 that can be given to full time undergraduate entrants to aid them in the introduction to their studies. We recognise travel is an essential expenditure, so to help you get the most out of your studies; the fund now covers bus travel and the Metro Tram within the West Midlands Network region.

You do not need to apply separately for this travel fund. During enrollment, if eligible, you'll be asked to choose from:

  • £300 travel fund- to use on buses and trams within the West Midlands Network,


  • Accommodation cost reduction- £300 off University-managed accommodation,


If you choose the travel fund option, once you've fully enrolled (ID check) you'll be sent a confirmation email which includes a unique validation link.  The code within the link (starting with AWV) can only be used once, so you must not copy it or forward it on.  The account must be registered using a University of Wolverhampton email address (ending @wlv.ac.uk).  Once registered you simply choose the ticket option best suited to you.

For additional help regarding the travel fund you can check the FAQ’s!


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